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Every organization is provided with a unique URL to log on to the greytHR account. Use the URL assigned to your company to log on to the site such as

Figure 1: Using the Unique URL to Log on to greytHR



This URL guides you to log on to your greytHR account. The login page appears as displayed below.

Figure 2: Logging on to greytHR

You can perform the following actions from the greytHR Login page.

Log in Using the User ID and Email Address

Perform the following steps to log on to the Employee Portal.

  1. Type your Employee ID as the user name in the User Name text box.
  2. Type your password in the Password text box. 
  3. Click Log In. The greytHR Home page appears.

Log in Using the Open ID

You can log on to the Employee Portal using your social network accounts. You can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to log on to the Employee Portal. The icon for the respective social network accounts, appear at the bottom-right corner of the Login page. Refer to Log in Using an OpenID to know more about the sequence of events.

On clicking a particular social network icon for the first time, you are taken through a series of web pages to authorize that social network account with greytHR. Once you complete the authorization process, the greytHR Home page appears. Next time onwards, on clicking a particular social network icon, you can use the login ID of that particular social network account to log on to the greytHR application.

Retrieve the Password

Perform the following steps to retrieve your password.

  1. Click the Forgot Password link on the Login page.
  2. In the Your User ID or Email text box, type the email address in which you want to receive the link to reset the password. A link to reset the password is sent to this email address.

    Figure 3: Resetting the Password

  3. Click the link that you received in the email address. The Change Preference page appears.

    Figure 4: Changing the Password

  4. Type your current password in the Current Password text box.
  5. Type your new password in the New Password text box.
  6. Retype the new password in the Confirm Password text box.
  7. Click Save. Your password is reset as per your details.

Contact greytHR

You can contact the greytHR support representatives for any assistance that you require to log on to the greytHR application. Click on the Contact Us link and then choose the appropriate application to email your queries.
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