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greytHR helps you easily set up the holiday list, which is frequently consulted by employees, managers, and HR throughout the year. This page displays all the Holidays declared for the year. You can also manage the Holiday calendar here. You may define the same holidays across the organization or have a different list across various employee categories. Option is provided to introduce Restricted or Optional holidays. This enables employees to choose the Holiday that they want from among a pre-specified set of days. Depending on the Holiday List applicable to an employee, the employee would need to apply and get approval for taking a Restricted Holiday.

  1. Click Leave > Setup > Holiday List


You can define categories for holidays and reset them from the Holiday List page instead of configuring this under System Settings. To select the holiday category, click on the Settings icon '' and select the holiday category and move it to the right panel. You can select any number of holiday categories and save them.

in the Actions tab.

There are three ways to add holidays to the holiday list.

  1. To add holidays, first select the year from the drop down for defining the holiday list.

Manual Entry

  1. Enter the value for Occasion and Date in the grid as shown below. You can enter as many rows as desired and select multiple locations and departments.
  2. Click Save.

Department and Location are displayed only if they are selected in System Settings > Leave > Leave Options. Scroll down to Holiday Category. Select Department and Location and save the settings.


Select From Master List

  1. Click the link Select From Master List.
  2. Select the holidays from the list and click Save. The holiday values selected are added to the holiday grid.

  3. You can use filters in the holiday list to filter the list on any column in the grid. Mouse over on a column heading in the grid to view the filter. Click the filter and check the desired values in the filter as well as the grid.
  4. Click Save to add the desired values to the grid.

Copy and paste the rows from an Excel sheet

In case you have the holiday list in an Excel sheet, you can copy the rows from the Excel sheet and paste them in the holiday grid.

Delete Holidays

  1. To delete holidays, check the rows in the holiday grid and click the Delete button.

Edit Holidays

  1. To change the name of a holiday or to add/remove the restriction on a holiday, click the pencil icon in the Edit column to edit the field.
  2. Change the value of the desired row and click Save.

The values are changed in the grid and also reflected in the number of general and restricted holidays as shown below.


There is no restriction on the number of general and restricted holidays.

Click here to view the video on how to add the Holiday list or watch it here, now:

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