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greytHR helps you easily set up the holiday list, which is frequently consulted by employees, managers, and HR throughout the year. This page displays all the Holidays declared for the year. You can also manage the Holiday calendar here. You may define the same holidays across the organization or have a different list across various employee categories. Provision is provided to introduce Restricted / Floating / Optional holidays. This enables employees to choose the Holiday that they want from among a prespecified set of days. Depending on the Holiday List applicable to an employee, the employee would need to apply and get approval for taking a Restricted Holiday.


The page displays leave for the current year. To change the year to view or update holidays, click next to the Show Help button.

  1. Click Leave > Setup > Holiday List

    in the Actions tab.
    Add Holidays in the Actions tab.
  2. Click the Holiday Setup tab to view the following page:
    The Holiday Setup page.
  3. Enter values for maximum General and Restricted holidays as per your organization's leave policy.
    Maxium values for General and Restricted holidays.s.
  4. Click Save and the spin box changes as follows:
    Holiday values set in the spin box.


    At any time, click The Edit icon. to modify the values.

  5. Drag and drop holidays from the master list on the right in to the frame of the required holiday.


    A success message displays for each holiday that you drag and drop or delete. Likewise, if a holiday already exists in any of the frames, a suitable message displays indicating duplication. If you have reset values to zero in the spin box, you still need to manually delete the holidays by clicking The Recycle Bin icon. along side each holiday. Note that drag and drop of holidays does not alter the master list.

  6. The list you create displays as follows:
    The completed holiday list.

  7. Click the Holiday List tab to view the completed list as follows:
    The completed holidays displayed in the Holiday List tab.
  8. Click to add a holiday of your choice as follows:


    The fields specific to Category such as Designation, Department, Grade and Location, appear in this dialog box, based on the options that you choose in the Leave Options page under the field, Allow holiday to be define based on category.


  9. Click The Save button..

You can also export the Holiday List to excel file by clicking the Excel Export button.

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