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 January 2018

Holiday List Setup Revamped

An easier and better Holiday List setup, only for you. You can now add a single holiday for multiple locations, multiple holidays for multiple locations, and you also get an option to delete multiple holiday entries.

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Advancements in the Shift Roster

greytHR now updates the shift roster for the next year depending on the setting key Number of days before which next year leave can be applied. If this value is 45 days, the shift roster is updated 45 days before the next year. So, employees can apply for leave 45 days before the next year. If this value is not updated, greytHR updates the shift roster for the next year 30 days in advance.

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Detailed Summary of Income from Let-out Property

A break-up of the Income from Let-out Property has been integrated in the IT Declaration form for both Admin and employee. With this, you also get remarks made by the Admin and employee under the Remarks column.

Enhanced Precision in Auto Leave Year End Processing with Date and Time Options

To enhance precision in processing leave year, the selection of date and time has been introduced. If the auto-year end processing is enabled, it is mandatory to select the day, month and time for auto leave year end processing.

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Improved Usability of Manual Year End Process with Option to Select the Year for Processing

Now, you can select the year before performing the leave year end process manually. An option is provided to select any of the previous two years for manually performing the leave year end process. The option to select the year is provided from the first date of the start month of the leave year.

For example, if the start month of the leave year is January and the leave current year is 2017, then the option to run the leave year end process for 2017 will be available from January 1st. 2018.

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 December 2017

Restrict Leave during Notice Period

This feature allows you to restrict employees from applying for leave during their notice period.

Employee Emergency Details in the Address Section

This feature allows you to capture important employee emergency contact information.

FBP Plan Mass Delete

This feature will save the Payroll Administrator a lot of time as he/she can do a mass delete of the FBP Plans of employees.

Option to Download the Submitted Reimbursement Claim

This feature allows employees to download the submitted reimbursement claim form which can then be submitted to the HR department along with bills for the purpose of reimbursement.

Assign/Override Employee Shifts for Multiple Days

HR administrators typically spend hours in managing shift registers and assigning shifts to multiple employees. We have made it easy in greytHR.

Associate Locations to PT States in Payroll Overview

greytHR now helps you to change the employee location to one that is not associated with a state, with professional tax deduction. The administrator can easily view such locations, at the time of processing payroll in the Payroll Overview screen and associate the same, with the corresponding PT (Professional Tax) states.

Employee Resignation Importer Includes Retirement Date

Prior to this release, employee retirement date, was uploaded through the Basic Employee Information importer. Now, Employee Resignation importer also includes retirement date. Hence, any one of the importers can be used for updating the retirement date.

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