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 April 2018

Option to Implement Budget Changes for FY 2018-2019

The Union has embodied changes in the budget for FY 2018-2019 that impact the income tax calculations w.e.f April 2018.

The prominent proposed changes are:

  1. Section 80D - The limit of medical insurance premium for all senior citizens is raised to Rs. 50,000/-
  2. 80DDB - The limit for medical treatment of specified diseases is raised to  ₹1,00,000/- for all senior citizens(Includes very senior citizens also)
  3. 80TTA - Under this section, not just the interest on savings bank but interest on FDs, Post Office and Cooperative Society is also to be covered.
  4. 80TTB - Senior citizens are removed from the ambit of 80TTA and added under a new Section 80TTB. This section provides deduction up to Rs. 50,000 /- in respect of interest on income from deposits in banks, cooperative society and post office for senior citizens.
  5. Education Cess - The education cess is increased from 3% to 4%, where 1% is the new Health cess. 
  6. Standard Deduction of Rs. 40,000 - Conveyance and Medical exemptions are removed and introduced as a standard deduction of Rs. 40,000.

You can now comply with the statutory union budget changes for FY 2018-2019. Click here to know more.

Option to Restrict Maternity Leave

greytHR now allows you to define the maximum number of children for availing maternity leave benefit. This option allows you to comply with changing Government regulations. Click here to know more

Simpler, More Appealing UI to Generate and Publish Form 16

UI to generate and publish Form 16 is more simpler and navigation is context based. For example, clicking Pending in Part A, now shows employee details with Status as Not Uploaded and clicking Completed in Part A shows employee details with status as Uploaded. This allows you to easily take the necessary corrective action. Click here to know more.

Excel Importer for Employee Contracts Introduced

greytHR now provides the Excel importer option for bulk upload of employee contract details. Click here to know more

Custom Reports Include Report Creator's Name

Now, you can easily find the report creator's name of the query builder report. This is useful if you want to make changes to the query builder report or when you want to contact the report owner for more clarity on the report. Click here to know more

Option to Standardize the Naming Format of Downloaded Payslips

You can now standardize the names of the regular and settlement payslips that are downloaded. Choose a prefix, suffix and select from a combination of Employee Name-Employee Number to standardize the format of the downloaded payslip names. Click here to know more

Exemption Item Introduced in the Payroll Repository Settings to Assist in the Generation of Teddy Payslip

Teddy payslip is a payslip present in the Payslip Gallery of greytHR which provides income and deduction values in a horizontal layout along with TDS information. Now, there is an option in Payroll Repository settings to select an exemption item for any tax or non-tax related component in greytHR. This helps in displaying the income tax deductions in the Teddy payslip. Click here to know more.

Option to Exclude Employees From PT Deduction

greytHR now provides an option in the Employee Profile page to exclude the selected employee from PT deduction. Click here to know more.

Manual Process of Attendance for Select Employees

Now, you can manually process attendance for a group of employees. This is useful when you want to process the attendance of employees belonging to a particular filter or when you want to manually process the attendance of certain employees whose attendance was captured incorrectly. Click here to know more.

View Sum of the Components Selected in the YTD Statement

Now, you can view the total of the pay item components selected in Reports Gallery > YTD Statement. Navigate to Reports Gallery > YTD Statement.

Integration with QBO (QuickBooks Online)

QuickBooks users can now easily open a greytHR trial account or connect their existing greytHR account, for sending Accounts JV to QBO. Search the QuickBooks App store for greytHR and click the GetApp Now button. Authorize the sharing of data between greytHR and Intuit and start using your greytHR account.

Employee Emergency Address Excel Importer Introduced

greytHR now allows you to bulk import emergency address details of employees from Excel. Click here to know more.


 March 2018

A New, Improved and Enhanced report for Claims

A new and accurate Claim Bank Transfer Statement report has been introduced. You can now, generate the claims report based on the batches that are already created in the Expense Claims page. These accurate reports can be used as the claims statement and can also be shared with the banks, without any modification.

API Keys Management feature

Now, create, regenerate and delete the API Keys that are used to integrate greytHR employees, salary and attendance data with the third party application.

New filter added to Employee Swipes page

A new Date Type filter has been introduced which allows you to view data based on the swipe recorded date or swipe received on date.

Automatic IT Slab Consideration and Improved Messaging for the same during Payroll Processing

Customers who have not yet updated their IT slab can now, relax! greytHR will now, automatically consider the IT slab for the financial year 2017-2018. A message will be displayed once the adjustments are done. For customers who have enabled the IT slab for the current financial year, the message will not appear.

Settings Introduced in the Holiday List page

Now, you can define categories for holidays and reset them from the Holiday List page instead of configuring this under System Settings.

Separation Mode Introduced in Query Builder Report (Resignation Details Category) for more Details on Resignation

You can now select the separation mode in Query Builder reports, related to employee resignation.

Identify Employees whose Salary is on Hold in the Payroll Statement

Now, you can identify the employees whose salary is on hold in the Payroll Statement.

Instantly View Employee Income Tax Statement

Viewing the income tax details statement is as easy as clicking a button.

Employees can Apply for Leave That Falls After the Wait Period

Admin can now allow employees to apply for leave that falls after the statutory wait period.

Contact and Emergency Address Inclusion in the Letter Template

greytHR now provides the option to include contact and emergency address details in employee related letter templates.

Leave Deduction Balance Can be Considered as on End of the Deduction Month

An option to consider the balance for leave deduction, in the Attendance Period Finalization page, based on the end of the deduction month.

Attendance Date Filter Introduced for Employee Swipes

You can now filter employee swipe information based on the Attendance Date. For example, for employees working in night shift from 9 P.M. to 6 A.M., the swipe data will be present for two dates. But the attendance data will be present for only one date.

Continuous Present Alert Notification Introduced

Managers will now be notified when an employee is continuously present for a certain number of days, without any weekly offs or leaves or holidays.

Admin gets new privileges for posting leave transactions

greytHR now provides different privileges to the admin for posting a leave transaction and for applying leave on behalf of an employee.

Introducing Faster Reminder Notification To All Employees Who Have Not Submitted POI

greytHR now provides a faster and easier method to instantly notify all employees, who have not submitted POI, before the POI submission due date.

Keyword Search Functionality Introduced on Manager Name and Number in Leave Application and Attendance Regularization

Employees can now easily search for the manager's name or number by typing the same in the Apply To field.

Additional Columns Introduced in Form 25 (Muster Roll - Punjab Factories Rule) Report

Form 25 report is now made comprehensive with additional columns. The additional columns introduced are: ESI No., Provident Fund No., Present, Holiday, Absent, Leave with Pay, Without Pay, Gate Passes, Days Payable, Rate and Wages Payable.

Download Option for Settlement or Reimbursement Payslips Introduced

greytHR now allows you to download multiple settlement or reimbursement payslips, as a single zip file or a consolidated PDF of the same.

Select Attendance Info Options to be Displayed

You can now select the Attendance Info options, related to an employee's working hours that can be displayed.

Employee Leaving Date Introduced in the Income Tax Statement as well as Report

Now, Admin can view the employee leaving date in the Income Tax tab as well as in the downloaded IT report. Admin users can navigate to Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Income Tax and select the employee whose leaving date is updated. You can view the same in the Income Tax page as well as download it in IT report.

Admin Privileges to Consider or Skip Leave Rules while Granting Leave

Admin can now bypass leave rules while manually granting leave for an employee. A new privilege is introduced for Leave-Admin category to ignore leave rules associated with the corresponding leave type while manually granting leave. Click here to learn more.

Employee Emergency Address Excel Importer Introduced

greytHR now allows you to bulk import emergency address details of employees from Excel. Click here to know more.

 February 2018

Holiday List Setup Revamped

An easier and better Holiday List setup, only for you. You can now add a single holiday for multiple locations, multiple holidays for multiple locations, and you also get an option to delete multiple holiday entries.

Explore more!

Advancements in the Shift Roster

greytHR now updates the shift roster for the next year depending on the setting key Number of days before which next year leave can be applied. If this value is 45 days, the shift roster is updated 45 days before the next year. So, employees can apply for leave 45 days before the next year. If this value is not updated, greytHR updates the shift roster for the next year 30 days in advance.

Explore more!

Detailed Summary of Income from Let-out Property

A break-up of the Income from Let-out Property has been integrated in the IT Declaration form for both Admin and employee. With this, you also get remarks made by the Admin and employee under the Remarks column.

Enhanced Precision in Auto Leave Year End Processing with Date and Time Options

To enhance precision in processing leave year, the selection of date and time has been introduced. If the auto-year end processing is enabled, it is mandatory to select the day, month and time for auto leave year end processing.

 Explore more!

Improved Usability of Manual Year End Process with Option to Select the Year for Processing

Now, you can select the year before performing the leave year end process manually. An option is provided to select any of the previous two years for manually performing the leave year end process. The option to select the year is provided from the first date of the start month of the leave year.

For example, if the start month of the leave year is January and the leave current year is 2017, then the option to run the leave year end process for 2017 will be available from January 1st. 2018.

Explore more!

 January 2018

Restrict Leave during Notice Period

This feature allows you to restrict employees from applying for leave during their notice period.

Employee Emergency Details in the Address Section

This feature allows you to capture important employee emergency contact information.

FBP Plan Mass Delete

This feature will save the Payroll Administrator a lot of time as he/she can do a mass delete of the FBP Plans of employees.

Option to Download the Submitted Reimbursement Claim

This feature allows employees to download the submitted reimbursement claim form which can then be submitted to the HR department along with bills for the purpose of reimbursement.

Assign/Override Employee Shifts for Multiple Days

HR administrators typically spend hours in managing shift registers and assigning shifts to multiple employees. We have made it easy in greytHR.

Associate Locations to PT States in Payroll Overview

greytHR now helps you to change the employee location to one that is not associated with a state, with professional tax deduction. The administrator can easily view such locations, at the time of processing payroll in the Payroll Overview screen and associate the same, with the corresponding PT (Professional Tax) states.

Employee Resignation Importer Includes Retirement Date

Prior to this release, employee retirement date, was uploaded through the Basic Employee Information importer. Now, Employee Resignation importer also includes retirement date. Hence, any one of the importers can be used for updating the retirement date.

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